About Cornelia Nel

Marketing Consultant
Windhoek, Namibia

Cornelia Nel is a marketing consultant based in Namibia that works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives across Southern Africa to implement strategies that deliver results. She is a marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, public relations, brand development and event management. She creates innovative programs that deliver tangible results in rapidly changing markets.

She has honed her marketing skills through formal education in Public Relations as well as her experience as marketing manager for internationally renowned companies such as Olthaver & List, JT International, and Oryx Properties, seasoned her talent for building productive partnerships between executives, investors, marketing organisations and their respective target audiences.


Virtual Marketing Manager

A marketing strategy implemented over a 12 month period

Offering you a dedicated marketing manager responsible for the marketing outcomes of your business. Someone who works with your management team (or just YOU!) and delivers consistent marketing messages to your target audiences and drives your sales team’s performance by ensuring that they have the tools to do their job.


Marketing Consultant

Inspiration and guidance

Sometimes businesses don't need more than just a few hours with a fully trained marketing consultant. Cornelia offers businesses the opportunity to sit down with a qualified Marketing Manager, to discuss ideas, brainstorm, mentoring, and tap into her years of marketing experience.


Short Term Projects

Bring in the expert when you need her

Cornelia believes and greatly understands that every business needs a customised and unique marketing solution and not a cookie-cutter approach. To provide businesses with the opportunity to hire an experienced and skilled senior marketing manager to assist with short term projects


Small Business Marketing

Subscription-based model inclusive of all marketing services

Like it or not, a great business does not just rely on good products or services. The success of your business will be built on whether people know about you, like you, and trust you enough to part with their dollars. The key to achieving this is how effectively you communicate your products or services to your customers.


Hotel Sales and Marketing

Marketing targeting the tourism market

If you are looking for a well-rooted hospitality marketing consultant, you can always count on Cornelia with a targeted, site-specific program to boost your sales and marketing strategies. With het guidance in sales and marketing, She will work together with the hotel general managers and sales teams to deliver revenues in terms of room nights and MICE events, thereby achieving the Hotel’s annual business plans.


Social Media Marketing

Improve your presence across popular online platforms

While many companies attest to creating social media profiles that drive "likes" and "followers" in the thousands, we believe that this random and ad-hoc approach collaborates to lessen your brand’s value online. Instead, Cornelia focus on creating social media profiles and interactions that deliver a targeted and strategic approach integrating into your overall marketing strategy.


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